Safety & Rules

We want everyone to enjoy a fun and safe 10K on Labor Day. Here are the do’s and don’ts for the day:

Running with little ones

Backpacks are great for walking with kids that can’t do it on their own. Strollers and baby joggers are not allowed.

Anything beyond your own two feet

You can walk, jog, sprint, or skip – but please don’t bring bicycles, in-line skates, Kangoo shoes, or anything else that lets you roll or bounce your way to the finish.

Walking or running with friends and family

It’s great to enjoy the day with your friends and family, but keep it to three abreast or less along the course so others can get by.


Go ahead and dress up however funny, funky, or silly you like, but make sure your costume doesn’t extend beyond your body or connect you with anyone else.

Rocking out

Feel free to bring along your iPod and headphones, just keep the volume low enough that you can hear any instructions from course marshals. We will have more details as we finalize plans for on course bands and entertainment!

Course cutoff

We will have more details soon.


Fido is a great training partner, but you’ll need to leave all pets at home on race day.

Starting in a wave ahead of yours

The wave start allows everyone to run their own pace. Because we want everyone to run their best race, we can’t allow people to move up to a faster wave on race day. You can move back to run in a slower wave or with someone else.


Photo by John Robson